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We can help you succeed in your innovation, digital transformation, and custom software development endeavors

Practical Solutions:

  • Custom Software Development

Do you have manual processes that you would like to automate? Do you need to develop software suited to your particular needs? You are not a software development company, and you do not know where to start? You can concentrate on your core business, and we can help with the technology part!

We work with agile and traditional cascade methodologies. Our offshore software factory guaranties budget friendly services without compromising on the quality of the final solutions, since we have CMMISRV/3 and CMMIDEV/5 certifications.

We also have experience working with disruptive technologies, like:

  1. RPA – Robotic Process Automation. Do you have repetitive, high volume, prone to error, computer based processes, and your human talent spends most of the time typing information, instead of analyzing it? Leave the monotonous activities to a software robot. A “bot” can help you free your human talent from tedious tasks, so they can concentrate on more productive activities, and help you grow your business.
  2. AI – Artificial Intelligence. AI is now part of our daily life, we can find it in our cellphones, TVs, shopping, cars, homes, etc. It is everywhere! Is AI part of your core business? If the answer is no, then your organization may be at risk. Let us help you make AI part of the products and/or services you provide.
  3. ML – Machine Learning. ML is a branch of AI. ML algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data and can learn from the process with little or not human intervention. It can help you find market tendencies, patterns, business opportunities, make predictions, etc. Activities that a group of humans would not be able to perform with an acceptable level of accuracy and/or on a timely basis.

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  • IT Consulting in Analytics

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Are you using it correctly, or using it at all to help you drive your business?

We can help you understand your data and use it to your advantage, so you can make better informed decision at the right moment.

You may be collecting tons of data right now, but if you are not using it properly, you are just wasting time and resources. By using the proper tools and methodologies, you can get very valuable insights from your business data. Data analytics can show you the path to success.

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  • Cloud Computing Services

Organizations are saving on infrastructure costs by moving their computing resources to the cloud. Do you want to move to the cloud, but don’t know where to start? Do you have doubts on how to handle security in the cloud? We can help you in your journey to the cloud. You need an experienced technology partner to help you properly plan and make the correct decisions related to:

  1. Should you move everything or only some resources?
  2. Private, public, or hybrid cloud?
  3. Cloud management
  4. Backups
  5. Security
  6. Capacity and scalability
  7. Consolidation
  8. Virtualization
  9. Testing
  • Intapp Implementations
    • Time (formerly DTE)
    • Open – Intake
    • Conflicts
    • Flow
    • Integrate
    • Walls
    • Terms

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  • Elite Enterprise
    • System Upgrades
    • Integration with 3rd party systems
    • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
    • 4GL for Elite Enterprise
  • Data Integration, Data Conversion/Migration
  1. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  2. Intapp Integration Builder
  3. Business Objects Data Services (BODS)
  • Project Management

Our project managers as PMP certified consultants

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